Morning Cup

My morning offerings to God are burnt offerings—not in the Old Testament sense, but like burnt toast for breakfast. I … More

Every Day of the Fear

I had to quiet the gang of prisoners shouting out between the cell bars, inciting riots of anxiety; the voices … More

Safe Landing

A farm dog with his nose out the old truck window, fur whipping, tail wagging—that was me. A friend’s neighbor … More

Full of It

The problem with junk drawers is, they’re so good at their job. Mine needs cleaning out regularly, and by “regularly” … More

From Belize, With Love

My signature scent these days is bug repellent. My morning routine in Belize consists of heading out to the wooden … More

My Word!

It is an oddity of nature that the louder we speak, the less we hear ourselves. The Bible says, “A … More

Baking Lessons

I consider myself more a baker than a cook. I’ve learned this skill through trial and error. “Error” meaning that … More

Just Wait

We flew into Reno and spent the night, waking early as we were anxious to hit the road and get … More