In Season

Summer, winter, spring and pumpkin. What’s not to love about Fall? Pulling out this season’s sweaters is like greeting old … More

Stranger Things

“Stranger danger” was a repeated discussion in our house when the kids were growing up. After one particularly arduous conversation … More

Sweet Life Lesson

I have been living in the dark ages; —like first-layer-of-an-Oreo-cookie-dark. Oh wait—I can’t say that anymore, based on the vanilla … More

Tribal Mentality

“I am SUCH a Loser,” I said to myself as I closed the book about a woman in Papua New … More


Remembering the Lord’s ability to part the Red Sea, I asked him to part the Red Tape I was facing. … More

At the river today (see yesterday’s post) the conversation is about working with what we’ve got. In the last five … More

Lettuce Talk

Today’s topic at the river (see prior post) is food prep shortcuts. This is on my mind because last night … More

Meet You At the River

Back in the day—we’ll not MY day, but I’m thinking around the time the New Testament was written, Jewish women … More