I Forget to Remember

Our young son was overheard counseling his little brother on the fine art of avoiding parental discipline:“Don’t tell them you … More

Going Corona Viral

Unless I have this virus, am a medical researcher, or have by some other means first-hand knowledge, I can’t know … More

Big Little Gifts

When the kids were little, I used to give them money to buy me a birthday present at the dollar … More

Feeling Sheepish

I find the cereal aisle disturbing. Over-choice overwhelms. Just give me rolled oats (which is beneath the quick oats, the … More

Even the Darkest

Fears call out like professional street beggars, demanding I hand over my valuables; my trust and courage in Christ. I’m … More

White-Water Wisdom

We were white-water rafting on the North Fork of the American River. As we headed toward a narrow gorge, this … More

I Know

While visiting Athens, Paul the apostle found among the innumerable shrines one inscribed, “To an Unknown God.” With grace and … More

Spoiler Alert

I am married to an X-Wing fighter pilot—a rebel battling the prince of this world and unseen forces of darkness … More

Hay and Glitter

Hay and Glitter. My classroom was covered in both, as the four-year-olds got carried away in the manger—our life-sized crèche … More