My Word!

It is an oddity of nature that the louder we speak, the less we hear ourselves. The Bible says, “A … More

Baking Lessons

I consider myself more a baker than a cook. I’ve learned this skill through trial and error. “Error” meaning that … More

Just Wait

We flew into Reno and spent the night, waking early as we were anxious to hit the road and get … More

Room To Let

Someone in town is offering a place to rent, so they posted, “Room to Let”. I took it as a … More

Antidote for Fear

Years ago, John and I witnessed a murder involving a mafia-type group. They knew where we lived. Through an informant, … More

Mind Control

There has always been injustice, inequality, untruth, and turmoil. These things can be Lord of my day unless I choose to … More

The Real Deal

“We’re retired,” John and I say to each other every Sunday afternoon, “for the next thirty-six hours.” And then we … More

Confessions of the Heart

An Open Letter of Confession: Our church is getting a new bathroom. Only those who’ve guzzled three cups of church … More