Monthly Archives: January 2013

In the Beginning


1315305867e8E8kHfI start each new year in the same way, reading Genesis 1:1:  “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…”  I can think of no better commencement than those familiar words.  My worries for 2013 get folded into this comforter.  “In the beginning, GOD” (and in the end, GOD, and in between, GOD).  In the beginning of 2013, GOD.  The One who made everything we see, and all we do not see, the “Boss of this whole place” as my young daughter was fond of saying, is here to usher in all this year will hold.  Nothing will ruffle Him, nothing can knock Him off course.  He is not wringing His hands saying, “I sure hope this all works out.”  It does all work out, because in the beginning, and now and forever, GOD.